I’m a poet, who paints.

I’m an artist, who writes.

And my heart speaks loudly, because i listen to the silence.

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Raphael Lepenies is Founder and Author of MutHafen (engl. “Harbor of the Brave”), a german Blog and Community, which deals with a variety of topics concerning Courage, Philosophy and Purpose. Since 2017 Lepenies reached a daily count of 20.000 Readers. He published not just philosophical Essays, but also different formats of poetry.


As certified systemic Coach Lepenies counsels his clients to help them realizing their full potential both in their personal and professional life.


Throughout his Teenage-Years Lepenies was involved in a variety of theatre productions both as an actor and a writer. From 2011 to 2019 he appeared in different TV Shows and worked for a local radio station. Almost 10 years he hosted radioshows for diferent stations located in his hometown area like Radio RSG and Radio Wuppertal. His personal interest in Movies and Storytelling lead him to become the in-house-movie-critic of the radioshow Kilowatt, which aired once a week.


Since 2011 Raphael Lepenies creates holistic Marketingconcepts ans visual Communicationstrategies for different companies. This includes a wide range of Sevices from a regular Ad-Design all the way to Productlaunches and specifically defined Business Identities. Lepenies offers not just Concepts and Ideas but also the successful execution. After his first years working as a Creative Director in Productdesign for traffic technology, Lepenies launched his Marketing Service GoBalu. This service provides strategies for visual communication, and a wide range of design services.

Concept Artist

Next to the commercial aspects of Lepenies’ work he always reserved time and energy for artistic expression and further development as an artist. Over the years Lepenies produced photographic studies, Collages, Drawings and Mixed Media pieces. In his work Lepenies explores conceptional questions, that are inspired by global events, Zeitgeist and his very personal expiriences of love and loss.


Raphael Lepenies grew up in Solingen, Germany and lives currently in Cologne, Germany.